My first gig was assembling signal boosters for OTA TV signals as an 8th grader in India. I loved and still love electronics and machines in general. While in Graduate School, I ran a small company that built PCs. I mostly sold it to my fellow students.

Post-graduation, I worked in IT Consulting, First for Chrysler to build their Supply Chain IT systems, then for Ameriprise on the Annuities, Wealth Management platforms, and then for General Dynamics for mission-critical services.

Most of my time is spent talking to customers/partners/vendors, building and reviewing solutions. I also write decisions documents, lead Proof of Concepts, do code/design reviews, and coach teams.

My go-to programing language is Java, although I occasionally work on JavaScript, Python.

I am comfortable navigating the legacy stack like Mainframe (CICS, Db2, JCL ) and modern technologies like Kubernetes, AWS, and everything in between. I have a strong background in building mission-critical apps that need to scale and have significant uptime requirements.

One of my other side gigs that failed was building an SMS-based dating site.

These days I spend most of my spare time in DIY home automation using HomeAssistant and ESP chips.